Welcome to The Traveling Mr. Taylor!!!!


If you have wondered onto this site, I would like to say welcome! My name is Gary and I am a former social studies teacher from North Carolina who recently moved to the Seattle area where I was born. My hope is that this move will help me get back into teaching after a three-year stint with Walt Disney World in Florida.

So what I envision for this blog and website is that it will give me an open forum to share with you all my travel experiences through out the world. There are many trips and adventures I have taken over the years, so some of the experiences that I post may be a bit older, but I hope to intermix them with more current trips as they are experienced. I also hope to continue working on this website so as to have a sort of database of different destinations and activities in those destinations, so that perhaps I can help inspire some of your travel planning, even if just to find out what exactly something is and decide it isn’t for you.

I will also share my thoughts about different issues that relate to the discipline of social studies, whether they have to do with current events, historical events, issues of society, politics and so on. Some cases I may share a link to an article that I read and provide some feedback with my thoughts about it. Sometimes it may just be my thoughts about a certain topic that I feel is relevant. For any topic that I post, I welcome open discussion, but ask that it be done in a polite manner with respect shown to others and their beliefs/feelings (In other words, don’t say someone is stupid, but rather give a specified reason as to why you disagree with what they say).

While the site is still in the early stages and is a work in progress, I welcome any and all feedback that you may provide. With that being said, I would like to thank you again for stopping by during your web browsing, and I hope that you may check it out again in the future as the site continues to be grown and improved.

Take Care and Safe Travels!


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