March 27-31, 2015: The Traveling Mr. Taylor Goes to Montana – Part 5

Hey everyone!

Today the Traveling Mr. Taylor presents the final update of the Montana Weekend as the Wolfpack went for a hike into Yellowstone National Park. For those of you who may have been following the previous updates from the Montana Weekend, we had been staying in the town of West Yellowstone, Montana, which sits right on the western boundary of the park. From our hotel, you could actually walk right into the park through the main entrance, or, as we did, from a trail that starts in town. So let’s take a look at our adventure into Yellowstone!

IMG_9808 IMG_9809

Our hike into Yellowstone would have us going down the Riverwalk Trail, and alongside the Madison River. It was a beautiful sunny day, and you could sense that it was the transitional time between Winter and Spring with the amount of snow left on the ground through the trails.

IMG_9814 IMG_9817

Walking sticks in hand, our motley crew was ready to handle any terrain this trail would throw our way….which involved a lot of snow and slush.

IMG_9818  IMG_9822

IMG_9819 IMG_9827

The majority of the trail we covered seemed like the forest version of the New Jersey Turnpike…strait with little to no curving and trees all to the sides. Not that this was a bad thing here as it was easy to tell where to go.

IMG_9820 IMG_9822 IMG_9826

Once we go past the first stretch of the Riverwalk Trail, we came to the portion that would involve a loop near the Madison River. This is where things opened up a bit and you could really enjoy the scenery!

IMG_9828 IMG_9829 IMG_9830 IMG_9831 IMG_9835

At this point, we would begin to make our way towards the river.

IMG_9832 IMG_9840

The views along the way were just fantastic!

IMG_9836 IMG_9838

And thus we would arrive to the Madison River. Just an absolutely gorgeous place!

IMG_9844 IMG_9845 IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9854 IMG_9855

Of course, being a bunch of dudes, we did what any other guys would do…throw out our shoulders attempting to throw rocks to the other side of the river, and attempting to make them skip the river…..the success level was pretty low.

IMG_9863 IMG_9865 IMG_9868 IMG_9869

Other than that, we just took time to enjoy the scenery, which if you couldn’t tell, is amazing! It’s no wonder people like Theodore Roosevelt wanted to ensure places like this were protected from development.

IMG_9858 IMG_9875

 With that we wrap up the last update to the Traveling Mr. Taylor Goes to Montana. I would like to thank my brother Kellen for inviting me to join on this awesome trip. I also enjoyed getting to catch back up with Jason and Andrew again, as well as meeting Phil and Paul for the first time! I’m looking forward to seeing your guys again at the wedding in La Jolla in May!

For all of my readers, thank you for taking a little bit of your time to check out my reports from the weekend in Montana. if you missed any of them or would like to see them again, feel free to click the links below.


Take Care and Safe Travels

-Gary Taylor

“The Traveling Mr. Taylor”

 (Pt 1: Travel to Bozeman) (Pt 2: Drive to Big Sky) (Pt 3: Big Sky Ski Resort) (Pt 4: Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center) (Pt. 5: Yellowstone National Park)

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